Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Clemency Project

This is a little old, but I thought I'd post a few pictures from the Michigan Battered Women's Clemency Project rally which took place on the steps of the Capitol, October 6. As folks will remember, SAPA was involved in several efforts to bring out Kinnari Sutariya's story, and address the larger issue of domestic violence within the community. I spoke with a South Asian professor (her name is scrawled on whatever sheet I had with me, at the time - yet to be recovered), who spoke on behalf of her at the rally. She spoke in detail about the way the trial unfolded, the lack of consideration by the prosecutor of the cultural issues raised in this case, the issue of arranged marriages more generally, and even a profound sense of remorse for Dr. Ramesh Sutariya, who was killed. But she kept coming back to a simple refrain: the American criminal justice system is failing immigrant women.

Many family members of the imprisoned women were there, with moving testimonials of their daughters and sisters. Former inmates who served their time for acts of self-defense against abusive men, described the trials of their imprisonment. I was left with a simple question, myself: what possible good does it do society to have these women spend year after year in prison? Some speakers took up this question - spoke of the cost of prisons versus the cost of education, spoke of the way the police have handled domestic abuse cases, spoke of Granholm's unwillingness to grant clemency.

For more information: http://www.umich.edu/~clemency/

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fall Meeting Times

Hey everyone, here are the SAPA meeting times for the rest of the fall. I'll be sending emails the day of, but in case you don't get them - or if I forget... I'm not quite sure what's up with next week, 10.11, but will find out.

Date /Room

9.13 / Sophia B. Jones
9.20 / Parker
9.27 / 2105A
10.4 / 2105 A
10.19 / Crofoot
10.25 / 2105A
11.1 / 2105A
11.8 / 2105A
11.15 / 2105A
11.29 / Crofoot
12.6 / 2105A